🌱🍜 It’s Ramen time!. Feeling chili today?. Ramen’s are easy, quick to make, light meal and warm’s up to your body. 😉. Start by making a quick paste in the blender. Add miso paste, soya sauce, veg stock or mushroom powder, a fresh hot chili, a thumb of fresh ginger, fresh coriander (optional), a piece of carrot, salt, water, and blend it. Choose and chop the veggies you want to add. We usually go for broccoli, carrots, courgettes, green beans… or just what we have in the fridge, it can be anything. In a large pot, add water and the paste. Bring it to boil, and add the veggies at their corresponding time of cooking. Try to cook veggies only until tender. Do this by batches if you need to. Cook or soak the rice noodles according to packaging instruction in a separate pot, with plain water. When veggies and noodles are ready, serve every portion individually. Put first the noddles, followed by the veggies, soup, tofu, and all raw toppings that you like. We love to add kimchi, spring onion, sesame seeds, and some sesame oil. Tip! We have a discovery and now applying it to every Ramen. Replace part of the noodle portion by fine strips of courgettes, carrots, or celery. This will make your Ramen even lighter and easier to digest.

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