A Crouch End Poem

A Crouch End Poem inspired by the beautiful views and wonderful people!


Yellow fingers of the sun
Blue sky to dream on
Red buses and black crowds
Standing in line, talking loud
White curtains drawn back
Revealing a world of wonder
Crouch End, a place of mystery
Where horror and beauty meet
Stephen King’s “Crouch End”
A tale of terror and fear
A place where the divide
Between worlds is unclear
Monsters and supernatural events
Haunt the streets and alleys
Doris’s story nearly hysterical
Farnham dismisses it as rubbish
But Vetter, who has policed Crouch End
For decades, is not so sure
Remembering similar missing-person cases
From years gone by, he speculates
About other planes of existence
And of Crouch End, perhaps being a location
Where the divide between our world
And an alien, demonic world is somehow
Thinner, more permeable, more easily crossed
Crouch End, a place of beauty and terror
Where the imagination runs wild
And reality is blurred
Come visit Crouch End
And see for yourself
The beauty and mystery
That make it unique and special.

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