Pickling Veggies

You can almost pickle any veggies. Ideally, choose veggies that have some kind of body. We definitely won't pickle lettuce or spinach.

Cut the veg you choose in the same size pieces, any size you like.

Pickling-liquid proportions :
Equal parts of vinegar and water.
2/3 Tbsp of salt for every cup of liquid.

Note: The acidic content will vary depending on the vinegar you use. We usually use regular white vinegar, but you can also use apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar.

You can flavor with any whole spice (mustard seeds, peppercorns, chili flakes, coriander seeds), fresh herbs (dill, sage, rosemary), garlic cloves… the amount of spices is totally up to your taste.

In a clean glass jar, put whole spices at the bottom of the jar, garlic cloves, and then the veg with the herbs. Arrange the veg tightly into the jar so they do not float once the liquid is added.

In a pot combine the liquids and whole spices of choice. Allow to reach boiling temperature and turn off.

Pour the hot liquid into the jar, and close immediately. The heat will work as an air tightener, so it will probably vacuum seal your pickle, this way you can store it in your pantry and open it when wanted. After opening, store in the fridge.



Pickling Veggies

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