Sugar Free Flap-Jack

Our favourite sweet, easy sugar-free oat bars 🙂

Wet Mix:
Pour boiling water on flax seeds just to cover them. Allow them to expand and cool down.
In a blender, add the expanded flaxseeds, oil, vanilla essence, and ripe bananas. The riper the bananas the sweeter the flapjacks. Blend until smooth.

Dry Mix: Choose your ingredients, put anything you like + oats + salt.
Pumpkin seeds, cashews, chia seeds, chocolate, oats, dried cranberries, cinnamon powder, and salt, just a bit of salt.
Mix wet and dry. You will get a thick dough, similar to cookie bit dryer and less oily. Spread it evenly on a baking tray, use baking paper or pre grease the tray. Spread and compact it well by pressing the dough, this will avoid having crumbly flapjacks later.
Pre-heated oven at 160ºC. Bake for about 30 to 40 min or until you have the crunchiness you like.

After baking, allow to cool down before cutting. In any case, you will end up with some granola crumbs, in the end, enjoy it with some yogurt for breakfast ;-). Tea time, anyone?. If you think they aren't sweet enough, add some apricot or berries jam... Enjoy!



Sugar Free Flap-Jack

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