Zaatar Seasoning

Making Zaatar at home

A middle-eastern seasoning of ground toasted sesame seeds and thyme!. It is sprinkled over everything … like dips, soft cheeses, salads, hummus, baba ganoush, roasted veggies, etc.. Or mix with olive oil for a flavorful marinade.
The word “Zaatar” (aka Zatar or Za’tar) refers to wild thyme herbs that grow in the Middle Eastern wilderness.  A flavorful spice blend used in many dishes, and like curry, varies from region to region depending on where you are.
I suggest to check what spices you got in your larder since you can make zaatar with mixing any combination of the following ingredients: oregano, marjoram or thyme, earthy spices like cumin and coriander, sesame seeds, salt and sumac to add some tanginess if desired.

This time we have been honoured with this unique gift from our dearest friend, current Miranda baker 🙂 and oldest employee. Members like her are what makes Miranda so special to be part of. She used many sesame seeds, dried thyme, and salt. Toast and grind. Delicious!!! Toast whole spices and sesame seeds until fragrant. Grind them with a coffee grinder or a mortar, mix with the rest of the ground spices and enjoy with almost everything!. Maybe with turmeric hummus, vegan feta cheese, and lots of olive oil? 🙂



Zaatar Seasoning

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